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Laser Body Circumference Reduction
Many of us have trouble reaching the body type that we desire, but that does not have to be the case. Whether this is due to genetic predispositions or lifestyle issues, there are just some areas of the body in which we are unable to affect the fat. The Zerona laser treatment is here to help.

With circumference reduction laser therapy, the Zerona emulsifies, or liquidates fat from the hard to reach areas of the body. Subcutaneous cavities often hold fat in a way that makes it difficult to reach with diet and exercise. The laser circumference management treatment is able to target these areas, liquidate the fat, and stimulate natural biological responses. The body’s cells send the fat out into the interstitial spaces in the body, and it is flushed out entirely.

With the Zerona treatment, 6 treatments over two weeks resulted in an average of 3.64 inch circumference reduction. For men and women, this is a drastic change of more than just one size. Health and appearances are both issues that can be addressed by using the cold laser therapy. 

For men, excess fat is generally found around the stomach, while women often carry this excess weight in the thighs. In many situations, no reasonable amount of exercise or dieting can remove this excess fat in a healthy manner. The Zerona laser targets these areas in a safe and noninvasive way, with laser diameter reduction. If patients are not sure that surgery is the answer, cold level laser circumference alteration can be implemented for a painless way to reduce fat.

Our Standard Process Purification Program is designed to fit your schedule and make it easy for you to succeed. Going on the purification program is a 21 day commitment, but the results will make the effort worthwhile. Designed to detoxify the body, it is the perfect spring time program. This diet can have a significant, positive effect on the biochemistry of the body while allowing natural toxins and byproducts of daily metabolism to be eliminated. Patients have reported clearer skin, shinier hair, better sleep, increased energy, less bloating, clearer thinking, better digestion and improved weight management results.

Our hCG Diet focuses on dramatic weight loss utilizing homeopathic hormone free remedies. What makes the hCG diet different from low calorie, restrictive diets is that many of these diets trigger "starvation mode", putting the brakes on your metabolism and actually causing fat storage. Using hCG drops reduces the typical hunger pangs one would experience with a low calorie program. It is believed to reset your metabolism and to protect your body's good fat and keep muscle tissue from breaking down. Patients report not feeling hungry during the diet, dramatically losing 40 pounds in 40 days! This diet is designed for those who need to drop a lot of weight.
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Take the fast, painless route to shedding pounds with ZERONA™ Get the body you want through SCIENCE that works.

Is time being cruel to your weight loss efforts?
Duluth Laser Clinic introduces ZERONA™, the breakthrough lipolaser that can eliminate stubborn fat and tighten your skin — pain-free.
Here is what ZERONA™ will do for you: The ZERONA™ cold laser, often described by the media as an octopus-shaped machine, can help you lose 3 to 9 inches off your waist, thighs, and hips and drop pant and dress sizes. There is no anesthesia, no incision, and no pain. While you relax, the cold laser zaps away fat without burning your skin. You get a total of six, nine or twelve, 40-minute treatments in two to twelve consecutive weeks. The procedure is pain free and costs less than an invasive weight loss surgery such as liposuction.

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For the Serious candidate who wants to reverse the signs of aging lax skin through safe non-surgical means. Combining FDA Approved laser/ light techniques we offer tightening procedures for the Chin, Cheeks, Neck, and all parts of the body. A pain free alternative to surgical methods. Look Light Years Younger.

The results are illuminating

In just minutes a day, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while experiencing an improvement in skin texture, quality and smoothness. Using wavelengths that are scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin, Celluma’s low-level light therapy is a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve a healthy, youthful glow in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive manner. 

The healing power of light is both well-known and scientifically-proven. Used by NASA to help astronauts cope with pain and discomfort while on long space flights, and used by physicians for years as an alternative method of pain relief, Celluma LED Light Therapy now offers the ability to harness the power of light to fight both acne and the effects of sun and aging on the skin. Delivered with a revolutionary flexible light-array panel that gently molds to the shape of your body, Celluma LED Light Therapy delivers powerful yet gentle TLC for your damaged skin, targeting its healing energy through the deepest tissues of the skin to restore your skin’s healthy, youthful glow.

So how does this amazing technology work? The proprietary Celluma light array panel gently rests on the skin in order to deliver Red, Blue, and/or Infrared LED light precisely into the skin, stimulating cellular activity to reduce and control acne outbreaks (both inflammatory and non-inflammatory), reduce the visible symptoms of hyperpigmentation and sun damage, and rebuild your skin’s healthy glow from the inside out. The light gently stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for stronger, healthier skin, increases circulation and lymphatic activity, and promotes cellular turnover and growth. Blue light, in particular, works by targeting the harmful bacteria at the root of many acne breakouts. The result: fresh, smooth, healthy skin that will help you look light years younger! 

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Younger Looking Skin Immediate Results

Low level laser therapy designed for anti-aging, facial rejuvenation and treatment of various dermatological conditions. This non-invasive system erases years of fine lines and wrinkles without surgery or painful recuperation time. Treatments optimize skin health and appearance through the production of collagen and elastin, both essential to healthier more youthful skin.

The Sclar Wave Laser can easily support the production of collegan and elastin, which firms and tones the skin, heals scars and essentially allows for a natural "face lift" without drugs, injections or surgery. The Scalar Wave Laser uses the ultimate combination of red, infrared and violet laser to support healing and rejuvenation of the skin cells and tissues.

The Scalar Wave Laser most uniquely does something that do other technology provides. It delivers photons to the cell via coherent light. The mitochondria inside the cells are able to convert the photonic energy from the theraputic low level laser or cold laser (Scalar Wave Laser) into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the preferred form of usable energy or fuel for all cells. Once the catabolic cells that are sick, injured, or dis-eased receive the energy that they need, they move into an anabolic, healing state of regeneration.

The Scalar Wave Laser applied over the face and neck helps stimulate the blood circulation and detoxification throughout the facial skin, giving your skin tone and color. It boosts Collagen and Elastin reducing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful appearance. This treatment is not painful, in fact it is very pleasant and relaxing.   

Variables such as stress, diet, lifestyle, genetics, sleep and emotional balance can affect the number of treatments needed.


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LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound and soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation and give relief for both acute and chronic pain.

Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) is a fast-growing technology used to treat a multitude of conditions that require stimulation of healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and restoration of function. Although the skin is the organ that is naturally exposed to light more than any other organ, it still responds well to red and near-infrared wavelengths. The photons are absorbed by mitochondrial chromophores in skin cells. Consequently, electron transport, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) nitric oxide release, blood flow, reactive oxygen species increase and diverse signaling pathways get activated. Stem cells can be activated allowing increased tissue repair and healing.

Once the light energy passes through the layers of skin and reaches the target area, it is absorbed and interacts with the light sensitive elements in the cell. This process can be compared to photosynthesis in plants - sunlight is absorbed by plants, which is then converted to usable energy so that the plant can grow. 

When our cells absorb this light energy, it initiates a series of events in the cell that is theorized to eventually result in normalizing damaged or injured tissue, a reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and an overall reduction in healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism.
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No clinically tested modality is proven to be more effective for arthritis than low laser therapy. While arthritis is a chronic condition without a cure, low level laser treatments can provide substantial relief from symptoms by reducing inflammation of the joints, eliminating pain, increasing range of motion of the joints and improving immune cell production and efficiency.

Neuro-muscular skeletal conditions are common in all of us. We can all experience sprains, strains and pain resulting from repetitive use or from an injury. The Scalar Wave Laser is modern therapeutic technology that heals injuries safely and effectively on a cellular level. The Scalar Wave Laser can penetrate up to 4 inches into the tissue, to promote cellular regeneration at the source of an injury. Laser energy helps to repair damaged cells by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Therapeutic lasers provide support by activating a flood of endorphins that help to ease the pain, while simultaneously increasing blood circulation, which also aids in the healing process. Therapeutic low lasers use low levels of power to bio stimulate cells, which produces great results in treating all manner of pain and degenerative issues

Low laser therapy helps to remove excess fluids from places where they should not be. Getting rid of swelling also supports the healing process by creating a more favorable inner terrain. Increased activity in the lymphatic system is highly beneficial and can be significantly increased by using therapeutic lasers. Research has shown that the lymph vessel diameter and the flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of cold laser therapy. The venous diameter and the arterial diameters can also be increased. This means that both parts of edema (liquid and protein) can be evacuated at a much faster rate to relieve swelling. The process of relieving swelling and increasing the lymphatic system activity speeds healing and repair, and supports increased elimination of wastes and toxins. 

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